Hitomi Hoshino

Vtuber and live2d artist

I have 2 years of experience with Live2D which includes more than 20 commission and hobby projects.
I have the most experience working with VTuber models, though I am open to all kinds of Live2D work.
If you are interested in commissioning me, please read through all the information presented on this website.


Art by Runa

Hitomi Hoshino




Please note these prices are for Live2D rigging only. Model artwork is not provided.

CHIBI - 350+ USD

Every rig includes:

  • Head XYZ

  • Body XYZ

  • Hair, body, and clothes physics

  • Eye blinking and pupil movement

  • Mouth (AEIOU, smiling, frowning)

  • Brows (moving up and down; surprised and angry shapes)

  • Hands (non-trackable, full-body rig only)

  • Simple on/off toggles

All VTuber model commissions come with a basic VTube Studio setup free of charge.


30 USD - Mouth X
30 USD - Tongue Out
20+ USD - toggles/expressions
40+ USD - custom animations and animated expressions
50+ USD - eye physics
100+ USD - sidesteps (full-body rig only)
300+ USD - fully trackable hand rigging
Any additions beyond this list (rigging for VBridger, gamepad tracking, etc.) may still be possible upon prior discussion.


Note: Examples may not be up to date.
Older examples can be seen by clicking the Portfolio link above.

Please note that all the above prices are base prices. The final price will be agreed upon after looking over the .psd model file as additional charges may be applicable due to things such as model complexity or NSFW work.

The aforementioned prices assume that a .psd file prepared for rigging is delivered. It is recommended to make sure the artist you're commissioning for the artwork is familiar with these guidelines.

Non-VTuber animations

I am also open to Live2D work that is not for streaming purposes, like animated emotes, animated backgrounds, looping character animations for stream intros, R-18 animations, video game assets, and others. Please contact me directly to discuss the details.



上半身 - 120,000円
全身 - 160,000円

  • 頭の動き XYZ軸

  • 身体の傾き XYZ軸

  • Hair, body, and clothes physics

  • まばたき

  • 眼球の動き

  • 母音の表現(「あいうえお」対応)

  • 眉毛の上下

  • Hands (non-trackable, full-body rig only)

  • Simple on/off toggles

T1 - ¥25,000

頭の動き Z軸、眉毛の上下、まばたき、眼球の動き、単純な口の動き (口が上下に開く)、呼吸

T2 - ¥50,000 上半身 / ¥65,000 全身

T1 + 頭の動き XY軸、身体の傾き Z軸、髪や服などの簡単な物理的処理

Tier 3 - ¥75,000 上半身 / ¥95,000 全身

T2 + 身体の傾き Z軸、より詳細な物理的処理


¥9,000 - 母音の表現(「あいうえお」対応)
¥1,000-6,000 - キー操作
¥3,000-10,000 - アニメーション

VTuberモデルの依頼には、基本的なVTube Studioのセットアップが無料で提供されます。


Terms of Service


• All payments will be made via a Stripe or PayPal invoice in USD unless a different means of payment is agreed upon. Payments in CAD, JPY, or PLN are also acceptable upon prior discussion.
• The Artist will only begin working on the commission after an initial payment worth at least 50% of the full price is received.
• In case the Artist does not receive the payment within 7 days of sending the invoice, the commission will be considered canceled.


• Two minor revisions are free of charge, further revisions/major revisions will cause an appropriate additional fee to be charged. If more than 30 days have passed since the commission delivery, the Artist may choose to charge a fee for minor revisions as well.
• Refunds are not permitted under any circumstance unless the Artist is the one to cancel the order. This applies both to the initial payment as well as the full payment.
• The Artist will notify the Client when the commission is finished and will only share the commission files upon receiving the full payment.


• Submission will consist of runtime files only.
• VTuber model commissions are made to be compatible with VTube Studio. Compatibility with other software is not guaranteed.


• The Artist retains the rights to the commissioned artwork and reserves the right to publicly feature commissioned work in any way they wish (including but not limited to: posting the artworks on Twitter, livestreaming the process of creating the commission, using them as commission examples, featuring them on the Artist's website). If the Client wishes for a commission to be kept private, they must state so.
• The Client may use the commissioned artwork for commercial purposes.
• The Client must not edit, trace, distribute, modify, or claim the commissioned artwork as their own.
• The Client is not allowed to take parts of the commissioned artwork and reuse them, neither for personal nor commercial purposes.
• The Client must credit the Artist anywhere the commissioned artwork is used.
• The Client must not create nor distribute merchandise with the commissioned artwork without prior discussion with the Artist.
• Resale or sharing of the commission files is prohibited. If you wish to do so, please contact the Artist first.


• すべての支払いは、他の支払い方法が合意されていない限り、JPYでのPayPal請求書によって行われます。
• モデリングは、全価格の50%以上の初期費用を受け取った後に開始されます。
• 7日以内にお支払いが確認できない場合は、依頼はキャンセルされたものとみなします。
• 2回の軽微な修正は無料ですが、それ以上の修正や重大な修正があった場合には、適切な追加料金が発生します。また、納品後30日以上経過している場合は、軽微な修正にも料金が発生する場合があります。
• いかなる状況においても、返金はできません。これは、最初の支払いにも、全額支払いにも適用されます。
• 依頼が終了した時点でクライアントに通知され、全額の支払いを受けた時点で依頼ファイルが共有されます。
• 依頼内容はランタイムファイルのみとなります。.cmo3と.can3ファイルは送信されません。
• VTuberのモデル依頼は、VTube Studioに対応しています。他のソフトウェアとの互換性は保証できません。
• モデラーは、依頼された作品の権利を保持し、依頼された作品を希望する方法で公に紹介する権利を有します(作品のTwitterへの投稿、依頼作品の制作過程のライブストリーミング、依頼作品の例としての使用、モデラーのウェブサイトでの紹介などを含みますが、これらに限定されません)。依頼者がコミッションを非公開にすることを希望する場合は、その旨を明記する必要があります。
• モデル依頼の内容は、商業目的で使用することができます。
• 依頼者は、依頼された作品を編集、配布、修正したり、自分の作品だと主張したりしてはいけません。
• 依頼者はモデラーとの事前の打ち合わせなしに、依頼作品を使用した商品を作成・配布してはいけません。


To commission me, please use the form below or message me directly on Discord at Hitomi#9446.

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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you draw the model artwork for me?
No, I only provide Live2D rigging services.
Can you share the project files (.cmo3 and .can3 files) for my commission?
No, submission consists of runtime files only. There is no option to pay extra to receive those files either.
What is the expected time of commission delivery?
Please ask for an estimate when discussing a specific project. Generally, at least 8 weeks of wait time should be expected.
Are rush orders accepted?
This depends on the deadline as well as the current commission queue but often is an option. A fee of 30-50% of the normal commission price can be expected for rush orders.
Are you comfortable with NSFW/R-18 work?
Yes, however an additional fee for NSFW work will be charged. Please contact me for more details.
I am interested in a commission that is not a VTuber model. Are you open to other kinds of Live2D work?
Yes, please contact me with details about your project and we can discuss the pricing and the specifics of the commission.